Back In The Game

Every New Beginning is a climb into Infinity
Every New Beginning is a climb into Infinity

Every new beginning requires a hard climb.

There are always bumps and pauses in the road to success. Getting beat up and broken down over and over again are the ways that people grow, and if you’re strong enough, devout enough, or bull-headed enough you might survive the struggle and discover the most amazing parts of yourself.

I’ve not been writing for awhile, this site has been on the back burner for far too long, and all the things that I’ve wanted to do have fallen by the wayside.

But there is always hope, and it could be something amazing…

For the next several months I’ll be updating this site, and building a better writing habit. I hope to explore the fiction prompt that has been plaguing my evenings, and discover new things about the city in which I live, and sharing these experiences.

Maybe new people will join us, or maybe I’ll fail into obscurity again; but hope must always remain, and with discipline and hard work something amazing might happen.

Building habits, especially productive ones, is never easy. Even if you have the most exceptional will and determination to complete the tasks you set yourself and achieve a frequent success; building that success into a routine of win is a far different  game.

So, a facelift, some healthier choices, and an opportunity to discover my creative side again.

What could possibly go wrong?


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